WillB (Vladimir Bokhonskyy) was born in Kiev, Ukraine on the 17-th June 1987.Due to the endangered situation imposed on his family, he had to leave for England at the age of 11 to carry on his studying. In UK WillB experienced his first introduction to hip-hop, and got addicted to 2step beats instantly. It all started with the kid scribbling text-books full of rhymes in his free time, and performing at the local school discos which at the time gave him a great boost of confidence while performing in front of the crowd. Even though he was still in his youth years, WillB was shocking the audience with his sincere lyrics and unique style, as a rapper from the former USSR, he developed great skills in English, and later on went on to practice it better than his native Russian language.

As the time went by, WillB moved back to his home city of Kiev where he started his first rap projects with his friends from the United States, performed in clubs throughout town, and got himself a deserved place on the RnB arena of his city. He then started to practice rapping in his native language, and released a few popular tracks, but he always knew that in order to progress he had to let the world find out his true talent and went back to performing in English. Sleepless nights and restless days he was preparing a new type of product for his fans in Kiev, England and USA. WillB was trying to collaborate his English works with his fellow rappers from Kiev to prepare a mix of English-Russian tracks.

His first mixed track was released in September 2009, remembered forever and became popular in Kiev and other European cities. The track was a feat with his friends Tagor and Pioner. WillB tracks have found success in clubs from Bangkok to London, and gave his fans a sheer pleasure of true hip-hop. At the moment WillB is working on his debut album in Kiev.

English Language
Pioneer of the New Frontier
Debut album on its way  [26.01.2010]
Pride of Chechnya  [16.01.2010]
The Official WillB Website Up and Running  [29.12.2009]